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General background
The International Hotel & Tourism School in Singapore (SHATEC) is a not-profit hospitality school launched by Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) on 2 July 1983. The school aims to provide training and education to fresh school leavers and career switchers for the hotel and F&B sectors – this is to ensure a continuous pipeline of talents for its hotel members and the hospitality industry. They also aim to up-skill and upgrade the existing talents in the hospitality industry. SHATEC believes that every individual can succeed given the right stimuli, and provides a caring environment where budding professionals can thrive and discover their talents.
The environment
SHATEC is one of the largest hospitality institutes in Asia, stretching over a vast space of more than 9,000 sq. meters.  It provides training through its main campus in Bukit Batok as well as its three other satellite-training centres in town. The facilities on campus are top notch and those that have studied there speak of SHATEC very favourably. In order to offer specialization in a number of areas, the college groups its institutes into the following areas: Hosting, Leisure and Tourism, Lodging, Restaurants and Bars, Wines and Spirits, Culinary Arts, Pastry and Baking. This means that whatever area student want to study in the field of Hospitality and Tourism, SHATEC can offer them the environment to excel in.
Since SHATEC establishment in 1983, the institutes’ community of students and alumni have won numerous local and international recognition and awards including second runner-up in Singapore Bakery and Confectionery Competition at year 2017, champion for 8th International Tapas Competition, Spain and others. Furthermore, the institute’s training module, service and methodology is recognized not just by other universities but also by governments and industry. Besides that, the most outstanding contribution to tourism award was also given by the Singapore Tourism Board to the institute in the year 1992.
SHATEC现有学员约有7000多人,其中国际学生约两成,毕业生在酒店旅游业表现不凡并身居要职。该学院的老师来自法国、意大利、马来西亚、德国、印度等30多个国家,其中大部分都是米其林三星级主厨。学院以西餐为主,同时结合东南亚餐、法餐等形式多样的菜系。除此之外,SHATEC的课程里包括了专业实习这一项。而专业实习包含实地培训,例如:於学校所设立的对外开放学生实习餐厅THE SAPLING里,学生可以实际来演练自己在课堂上所学的,如此一来,可以让学生在理论知识和实务操作上更上一层楼,融会贯通所学的知识,为未来的职业发展奠定良好基础。
SHATEC还连续4年都一直被评为了享誉全球的世界美食峰会最佳酒店管理学院 ,同时也被当地政府评定为素质级教育机构,所以这是一所新加坡最具有权威的,在餐饮类最出类拔萃的高等学府。此外,SHATEC的学生曾多次在亚洲烹饪比赛、世界技能大赛、亚洲青年希望厨师大赛等各个国家的烹饪比赛中荣获金奖。新加坡酒店协会也为学生在毕业之前提供实习的机会,所有SHATEC的学生都必须到新加坡当地的知名酒店实习,实习期间不仅有带薪实习的好处,实习结束后还可以获得酒店颁发的推荐信,协助学生在求职的过程中更加顺利。SHATEC毕业生也可以继续前往瑞士、美国、英国及澳大利亚深造,获得学士学位。


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