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Touch Learning & Edu Advisory is an Authorized Education Centre specializing in English Teaching and Higher Education Advisory. We are located in Johor Bahru, with 2 branches located near Sutera Utama, Skudai & City Square, JB.

Our center provides the following major English Courses:    
•   English for Young Learners - (age: 7-12)    
•   English for Teenagers - (age: 13-20)    
•   English for Working Adults - (age: 21 & above)    
•   Pre-University English    
•   IELTS Preparation Course & Examination  
•   Company (Corporate) English Language Training

In other words, our English Language Centre and English programmes are designed for people of all ages who want to learn and master English. We have tailored English programmes for kids, teenagers and working adults who want to excel in their command of the English language. The courses above are conducted both Part-Time and Full-Time basis.

We are also an Authorized University Registration Centre committed to help the students by providing information about the educational institutions, by finding out student’s interested field of study in Malaysia, Singapore & Australia. This includes Part-Time & Full-Time Courses.

Every learners are different, in personality, learning style, and goals. At Touch Learning, we believe that building a learner's confidence begins with understanding who they are. We're committed to helping every learner succeed in school and also in life.

For more information about us or on our services and programmes, Please feel free to contact us @ 017-730 4893 (Wesley Ong)


Touch Learning & Edu Advisory 是一间位于柔佛州五福城的教育中心,提供英语学习及高等/大专教育咨询。 在工作/ 学业上面对英文问题吗?或不敢用英文和别人交谈? 我们希望可以帮助你们提升掌握英文的能力以应付社会的竞争需求~~ 其实学习英语并不难,只要你掌握一定的方法,养成每天从各方面“关注”英语的习惯,相信你会稳步提升自己的英文水平! 无论是小孩 (7-12) ,学生 (13-20) 还是工作人士 (21 以上) 都有机会可以学哦~~ **上课时间自由,备有早、午、晚、周末班** 同时我们也提供免费的升学辅导~ ^_^

每个学者都是独一无二的个体。在Touch Learning,我们坚信,充分了解每个学者们是帮助他们建立自信的第一步。我们致力于帮助学者不仅在学校,更能在生活中取得成功。

预知更多关于英文课程/ 升学的详情,欢迎联系: 017-730 4893 (Wesley Ong)

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