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General background
Founded in 1986, UCSI University is the flagship institution of the UCSI Group conglomerate. With campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak, the University comprises seven faculties, a Centre for Pre-U Studies, De Institute of Creative Arts and Design, and an Institute of Music, with more than 85 programmes offered. Each programme is led by a team of dedicated academic staff, many of whom have extensive experience working overseas and some play advisory roles in public bodies and various committees.
The environment
UCSI University's campuses are purpose-built to provide students with all the facilities they need for learning and recreation. Apart from being fully wireless, the University also adopts the latest cutting-edge technology in e-learning and e-resources, and is also home to a number of specialised laboratories that cater specifically to student needs and curriculum. Its student body encompasses thousands of students from more than 80 different countries and the University stands out as a melting pot of diversity.
With UCSI University's Praxis® approach, learners enjoy avenues to apply what they learn on a daily basis. This is achieved at Praxis® centres which is the in-house business entities under the UCSI Group – where learners get unparalleled exposure to the working world. UCSI University also maintains close ties with industry advisory boards to ensure that its programmes are relevant and up-to-date. All of its professional programmes meet or exceed industry standards through regular meetings and audits by the boards. All faculties work hand in hand with industrial partners by exchanging valuable knowledge and technology on a regular basis.
UCSI大学是马来西亚历史最悠久的私立大学之一,分别在吉隆坡、登嘉楼和古晋设有分校。成立于1986年,UCSI大学是UCSI企业集团的旗舰机构,由七所学院、两所独立专科学院和一所大学先修中心组成,提供超过100 项课程。UCSI大学的教职员是各学科领域的顶尖专才,备受各界重视和尊敬。大多数的UCSI教职员都拥有丰富的工作经验:或拥有海外多元工作经验,或曾在公共机构和各社团担任咨询顾问。UCSI大学也不断的与国外大学、研究机构和顶尖的跨国公司建立合作联盟,以加强学生和职员在该领域的研究和开发、课程交流和就业机会等。
UCSI 大学致力提倡实践大学(Praxis University)教育模式。这是一种巧妙结合职场与课堂的教学方式,让UCSI大学成为亚洲第一所将实习协作纳入教育制度的大学。在过去十年里,超过一万名UCSI学生获安排在顶尖企业实习及工作。根据 UCSI 的调查报告显示,95.01%的业界伙伴对 UCSI 学生的实习表现感到非常满意,而且91.76% UCSI 学生表示在经历实习协作后对事业前景更具信心,准备充足迎接职场。UCSI大学致力推广知识的开发和研究,持续拓展和创新课程教学与学术研究,大学逐渐发展成为高等教育枢纽。


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