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Campus Overview Brickfields Asia College Study in Malaysia Further Study Johor Bahru (JB), Kulai  | Touch Learning & Edu Advisory Sdn Bhd
General background
Established in 1991, Brickfields Asia College (BAC) offers students the “Fastest and Smartest Way” to over 200 world-class law and business degrees. BAC provides its students with an unrivalled educational experience along with graduate recognition and mobility as its innovative programmes offer them a choice to graduate from over 25 UK universities. The college has established an excellent reputation as a provider of quality education and its graduates are highly sought after by local and international firms in both the public and private sectors.
The environment
BAC is situated in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur which is the outskirts of the city centre, students can travel to the city centre easily with the various modes of transportation available. BAC’s programmes provide students with international learning experiences which stimulate and develop communication, collaboration, creativity and problem solving skills. These aptitudes are essential in an increasingly global environment.
BAC has consistently been lauded for its excellence in the field of higher education. The college has received numerous industry awards in recognition of this, including: Global Business Outlook’s Best Brand in Education in Malaysia 2015, and the Best Brand in Legal Education for five consecutive years. BAC has cemented their position as the Nation’s No. 1 Law School by successfully and consistently producing world class results along the way. Today, BAC, has become synonymous with excellence in legal education and their proud history has made their graduates highly sought after, by both local and international employers.
Brickfields Asia College (BAC)始建于英国,与英国超过25所大学和相关机构合作。BAC作为国家第一法律学校,在过去23年来奠下了全国第一优质法律学校的声誉,并已培育了许多在法律领域执业或就业的毕业生。在过去4年内,培养了超过600个世界乃至全国的高材生获得图书奖第一名和第二名。该学院是一家知名于提供广泛,从大学预科至研究生的法律课程的学府。BAC与超过20间卓越的国外大学及教育机构合作,为学生提供世界级学士及专业课程,可在国内或海外完成。
BAC著名以高素质的学者和从业经验丰富的教师为骨干,以BAC的成功故事在提供最好的学生。 加上有条不紊的研究和准备学习材料,电子学习门户网站提供二十四小时支持,使每一个学生实现自己真正的潜力。BAC致力于让每一个学生的教育经验,在大学一个愉快,有益的和成功的同时提高他们的资格,以确保其未来的成功。 BAC期待着欢迎的学生,使他们在大学教育经历愉快,有益和成功。
该学院是大马两间获委任为伦敦合作院校(London Affiliate Centre)的大学之一,而是国内唯一一所获得学术资格鉴定机构(MQA)全面认可可提供伦敦大学国际课程及英国学位转移课程的学院。其学分转移课程获英国联合学术委员会(UK Joint Academic Stage Board)承认,可让毕业生考取律师专业培训课程(Bar Professional Training Course)及法律执业鉴定考试(Certificate in Legal Practice: CLP)BAC能有如今的成就应归功于教导A水平的资历丰富的讲师团队。


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