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General background
MAHSA University has been a renowned and esteemed private institution of higher education since its inception in 2005. MAHSA was founded by Professor Haniffa, a clinical practitioner of Medicine whose vision involves the creation of a stronghold of academic excellence in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Business and Engineering in the South-East Asian region. MAHSA has continuously taken pride in offering comprehensive teaching methods, highly-effective industry and clinical trainings as well as up-to-date student facilities to enhance their culturally diverse student body. 
The environment
Both theoretical knowledge and clinical exposure are important in the field of healthcare. Thus students of MAHSA must gain practical experience at the earliest stage during their tenure. Finally, state of the art facilities were created to complement the innovative teaching curriculum and a highly qualified and motivated teaching staff. Besides that, clubs and societies that focus on sporting activities, cultural events and fun entertainment encourage MAHSA students to build and harness their confidence and leadership skills. This is providing students a healthy balance to their already dynamic academic life.
In 2009, MAHSA was upgraded from College to University College status. This upgrade in class in a mere four years is a testament to the exemplary dedication of the academic and administrative staff coupled by the delivery superior programmes. Besides that, Malaysian Scientific Association has awarded MAHSA University with “Science, Technology and Innovation Award” at year of 2012. MAHSA was also one of the education excellence for University at year of 2014. In order to generate a pool of skilled healthcare professionals, it was agreed upon form the start that MAHSA would gather the brightest minds in the country and abroad to help nurture the minds of the students and hone their skills.
MAHSA University (简称MAHSA)是由丹斯里拿督莫哈默哈尼法教授于2005年创立。随着MAHSA快速成长,目前该大学已经开办逾40项课程,并且与英国的知名大学保持国际合作关系。MAHSA所开办的课程包括基础课程、美国学分转移课程、专业文凭课程、学士课程与研究生课程,所涉及的学科领域有商业与会计、工程、医药、牙科、药剂、物理治疗、护理、生物医药科学、放射线照影以及环境卫生。MAHSA的学生在该大学修读一至三年之后,可选择到美国、加拿大、澳洲或纽西兰约300 所大学继续修读各项课程,包括精算学、商业、大众传播、人文学科、电脑科学、工程学与应用科学。
MAHSA 荣获2014年及2010 NAPEI 奖中的私立大学学院卓越教育奖。此外,该大学也曾荣获2012年马来西亚科学协会颁发的科技创新奖(Science, Technology & Innovation Award)MAHSA使用国内最好的医院与诊所作为临床训练中心,例如:吉隆坡医院、双溪毛糯医院与丹绒加浪医院。此外,该大学的工程课程获马来西亚工程师局的承认,并获华盛顿公约(Washington Accord)的认证。修读会计的学生也可以通过MAHSA的会计学士课程取得英国特许管理会计师协会(CIMA)的专业资格。


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