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Campus Overview Malaysia Institute of Arts Study in Malaysia Further Study Johor Bahru (JB), Kulai  | Touch Learning & Edu Advisory Sdn Bhd
激发创意想象 造就艺术与设计专才
General background
Founded in 1967 as a non-profit making organization, Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) has trained and produced thousands of creative professionals who have contributed their creative skills to various industries in this country. In decades of successive generations, this institution has expanded, offering a range of Diploma courses in the field of art, design and music with comprehensive and well-designed course contents. MIA makes every effort to nurture talents, encourages creative expressions from their students while integrating multi-ethnic cultural values into their programs to enhance the students' learning experience.MIA is committed to cater for the needs of human resources by providing innovative, confident, independent and creative professionals who will contribute towards the advancement of this country's creative industry.
The environment
MIA is a community of lively young artists in the making. At MIA, students will find themselves experiencing and exploring new creative forms, expressions of various kind of arts and skills that will contribute to their future careers. To enhance the live and learn experience, MIA provide an ideal hands-on learning environment, classrooms and facilities for our students as well as living facilities closer to campus. MIA house their students at hostels and apartment units which is walking distance to the campus. This is more convenient for students to utilize campus facilities and get together for group projects. With the growing numbers of amenities around the campus and an upcoming mall, MIA is located in an area where students can truly live and learn to the fullest.
MIA students have won multiple awards in different competitions including grand prize in Clarins Eco-bag Drawing Competition 2013, first runner-up prize in 39th National Classical Vocal Competition organized by Penang Philharmonic Society, winner of Vista Komanwel A, Logo and Signage Design Contest 2013 and others. As one of the most established art institutions in Malaysia, MIA is recognized for producing talents who are professionally trained and industry-ready. MIA have established connections across many creative industries, artists, designers, and music composers looking for potential talents for hire and collaborations.
马来西亚艺术学院(Malaysian Institute of Art,简称MIA)是一所创办于1967年的非营利机构。40年多来,MIA 一直秉持其办学宗旨,即不断深化教学内容及提高教学素质,让学生掌握创意技能,并激发他们的创意思维,开拓多元的创作概念。这些年来,MIA已培育无数在艺术、设计与音乐领域的专业人才,并在马来西亚、新加坡、中国、日本、韩国各地绽放光芒。MIA的课程与国内外的设计界紧密接轨,毕业生不但能掌握务实的设计技能,也具备高水平的创作素质,成为业界多年来竞相争聘的对象。MIA开办的课程皆获得国家学术资格鉴定机构(MQA)的鉴定。因此,符合条件的学生都可以向高等教育基金局(PTPTN)申请贷学金。毕业生不但可以在私人界就业,也可以在公共机构服务。
MIA设有现代化的室内设计及教学设备。大部分教室与工作室装置了液晶电脑屏幕及LCD投影机,电脑室也拥有先进的Apple iMac电脑及Adobe设计软件配套,并在全院装置无线网络,让讲师和学生可以利用完善的电脑和软件设备进行教学与设计创作。现代化的环境让学生在最有利于学习的环境下学习,以实现他们更大的成就追求。在日常校园生活和校外活动,如音乐会,导向事件,创作比赛和游戏中,学生可以互相交流和学习。MIA校园地理位置优越,它坐落于Taman Melawati,且提供了一个平衡的校园生活。
MIA曾在2011 2013年素质评估系统(MyQUEST)中获得五星级(卓越)评级。该校的广告设计系学生也曾于2014年在 “Conqueror Happy Design Contest”中荣获金牌、铜牌及评审团奖,而染织与服装设计系学生曾于2014年在大马旅游局举办的 “New Generation Fashion Awards” 文凭班中荣获最佳毕业生奖。MIA致力提供一个有质量且讷讷让学生负担的优质教育环境,开发学生的创造潜能,让他们追求卓越艺术创作。教学人员在相关领域具有本地和外国大学资格及经验,且他们致力于培养学生。该校将学习的重点放在创作技巧掌握,深入咨询,概念发展,批判性思维和IT知识。MIA为学生作出一切努力来整合软件应用和多民族的文化价值观,并将这些纳入其培训计划,以提高学生学习范围和创新素质。


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